Classic Shades Window Tinting


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Autobahn™ Keramik X is a clear, nano-ceramic coating that permanently bonds with surfaces providing superb scratch resistance, superior hydrophobicity and chemical/oxidation resistance.  With its increased active ingredients, Keramik X can achieve better performance, with fewer layers, than any other brand on the market.


Autobahn™ Leicht can be used by itself providing great durability or layered with Keramik X packages for the ultimate in durability, gloss, and hydrophobicity.  Leicht has been formulated to be extremely easy to apply.


Autobahn™ Wächter ceramic coating is specially formulated to provide a durable hydrophobic layer to any glass or window film surface.  Wächter is easy to apply, increases scratch resistance, and makes the surface smooth and easy to clean.


Autobahn™ Kristall is a two-part chemical application that works with the silica in glass for a permanent bond. With its excellent hydrophobic properties, Kristall improves visibility during wet weather and makes cleaning your car windows much easier.


Autobahn™ Textil is a deep penetrating inorganic spray for use on natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, and wool as well as suede.  Due to the excellent hydrophobic nature, water beads up and rolls off and cleaning is very easy.  For synthetic fabrics, use Wächter, Leicht, or Keramic X.


Autobahn™ Plastisch ceramic coating is designed for plastic and rubber surfaces to provide a durable layer, improving UV and wear resistance, while the hydrophobic characteristics make the surfaces much easier to clean.


Autobahn™ Nautik is a clear, nano-ceramic coating installed below a watercraft’s water line that permanently bonds with surfaces providing extreme durability as well as protection from corrosion, oxidation and surface fouling like barnacles and algae.  Nautik also improves gloss and makes cleaning much easier.